Wednesday, October 28, 2015

"Indian" Costumes and Sexy Lady Bugs

Today I'm going to throw a few videos at your face, because they perfectly demonstrate what's wrong with certain Halloween trends.

I love Halloween, and of course one of the things I love about it are the costumes. You can be literally anything. The only limit is your imagination. Yet when the options are endless, why must so many people rely on tired old racist "costumes?" Is it the cheap laugh? Do they actually think they're being clever? Culturally offensive costumes are never a good idea. For the sake of humanity, don't do it. Just don't.

And the slew of commercially available sexist, objectifying costumes is almost as bad. Why the assumption that women just want to be a "sexy" version of something? It's stupid. It's sexist. It's boring. Please give us some more interesting costumes to choose from. That'd be wonderful. Thanks.

If you want a glimpse at why dressing as a racist stereotype is offensive, or why sexist costumes are absurd, just take the time to watch these videos.