Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Gale Force Kaif 2: The Rebloggening

Anyone who knows me even a little bit knows that I'm prone to feminist ranting. Overall I think it's a rather charming quality, but the phrase "too much of a good thing" does exist for a reason. It used to be that I had friends with whom I could frequently discuss feminist topics, but time passed, and we became busier and adultier. Time between our rantfests got ever more distant. Nowadays it it my beau who bears the brunt of my feminist fury. We live together, so he has nowhere to hide. That poor bastard.

To his credit, he's always been very patient with me in that regard. He does this weird thing where he actually listens to me and values my opinion. Because of this, we've had many wonderful conversations about many different topics (I am able to talk about more than just feminism, on occasion). That's what I get for having a raging mangina feminist for a boyfriend, I suppose.

But regardless of how awesome my beau is, I do know that even an interesting topic can get a little tiresome after you've beaten it to death. And then drowned it, cut it in half, and then blown it the fuck up. So I mentioned to him one day that I used to have a blog where I ranted about all these fun things, and that I was thinking of starting it up again. Because, as I told him, I have so many righteous rants and feels pent up and in need of a place to unleash them.

He told me I don't hold back as much as I think I do. (Seriously, I do talk about this shit a lot.)

I laughed. "Oh sweetie," I told him, "you have no idea." (He really, really didn't have any idea.)

So here it is, Gale Force 2: The Rebloggening. A place where I can spew my feminist juices and let my little rantlings roam free!

"Gale Force Kaif" by Kate Cragoe

Gods help us all.

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